Here we found on Amazon the top-selling beard trimmer for men stainless beard trimmer and electric shavers of 2018 ideal for sensitive skin and thick hair let’s have a look.

1: Panasonic ES-LV95 Electric Shaver

Panasonic ES-LV95 provides fast and efficient shaving. It is built in shaving sensor monitors and having a pivoting head which glides smoothly along chin, neck, and jaw. It’s having the quality of one-touch cleaning and charging station automatically dries, cleans and charges to keep the shaver fresh for further usage. It also includes a trimmer for sideburns and mustaches. It charges in 1 hour for 45 min.  

2: Panasonic ES-LT6N

Shaver type is foil the number of foil heads is 3. It is an electronic shaver and also prefer to more compact, gentle head unit and is opposed to 4 and 5 blade designs. It is rechargeable it charging time is 1 hour and is charged for 45min.   


3: Philips Series 9000 laser-guided beard

Philips Series has a trimmer with the laser it has a display length from 0.4mm to 7mm offering versatility with steel blades 100pc which is waterproof having dual sided trimmer making it easier to shave. Complex styles can easily attempt trimming with a laser guide.

4: Philips Series 5000  

It has rotary shaving which boasts precision blades and is waterproof. It has a lock-in length displayed from 0,4-10mm with 0,2mm precision. It is rechargeable and is waterproof the trimmer comes with stainless steel blades. They have rounded tips and combs.


5: Babyliss I-stubble 7896U

It is rechargeable and is charged for 90mins which provide 60mins. It is for ultra-precise stubble ad short beards it has contouring head tracks that curve your face with comfort. It has a 1year warranty.   


6: Remington XF8505 Capture Cut

It is waterproof having a lithium chargeable battery which works for 50mins. It has a pop-up trimmer its designed to give comfortable shave for sensitive skin.  


7: Braun Beard Trimmer 3040

Braun beard trimmer is precision facial styling it is washable and rechargeable. It has two combs and stainless steel with two heads and also a cleaning brush. Its cutting lengths are from 0.5-20mm.  


8: Remington MB4040

Remington is a cordless rechargeable men shaver it has 3 precision blades, stubble and goatee the blades are self-sharpening it comes with 2-year warranty. It has a range of 1.5-18mm but the trimmer is not for wet use.


9: Philips One-Blade

Philips One Blade has a 3 click on stubble combs with replaceable head its probably an electric groomer for men who wear facial styles. It can shave, trim and edge any hair length and it is rechargeable.  


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