Best vape pens 2018 started with a variety of new inventions. The most famous new trend which stood out this year was e-cigarettes and vaporizers. Vape pens have been a huge success, especially in the UK. These pens are always in demand not only because people are trying to give up on bad habits like smoking. Also, consumers believe that the essential oils and herbs which are used beneficially for health as states by the companies.

In this article, we have gathered a list of best vape pens of 2018.

Dual CE4 Ecig Vape Pen

This dual CE4 vape pen from the company is continuously modifying its inventions one by one. The new vape pen pack includes modified vape which has a longer battery life as compared to others. It also comes with a spill-proof cartridge. The e-liquid storing section has its coil placed at the bottom which means that it stores more e-liquid. Also, the liquid is shown from the side of the vape pen so that the smoker knows how much liquid is left for the consumption.



The PAX 3 is a fantastic vaporizer, ideal for the two amateurs and veteran. It is a progressive item from PAX Labs, with thin, ladylike plan and wonderfully designed highlights. Warmth uptime of around 30 sec; four pre-set temperatures, better battery life, and the new imaginative Bluetooth network to modify your vaporizer through an application; all settle on it a superior decision.

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Vaporizer “X-Max” V2 Pro 3 in 1 


The Vaporizer x-max v2 pro-herb vaporizer pen isn’t just the best gadget for e-fluids yet in addition perfect for tobacco vaping (wax and dry herbs comprehensive) without ignition. Star 3 Tobacco vaporizer is anything but difficult to utilize, advantageous, feels decent and smooth in your grasp. It is one of the well-constructed and composed Vape Pens in the vaping business. You can begin rapidly as no time is spent on warming up.


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Among all items originating from Grenco Science, without a doubt, G Pen Elite Vaporizer is the most amazing. Its plan, conservativeness, versatility, proficient conduction, and highlights at that value make it amazingly great. One of its convincing highlights is its LED show with full temperature modification, which makes this dry herb vape pen simple to peruse and work.

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