NEW DVD’S RELEASES                        

These new DVD’s releases are most watched and liked by people these are the best sold out DVDs having best ratings fit to watch on weekend with friends and family too.


The Greatest Showman

It is a drama of 105m released in 2017. It is musically inspired by the imagination of’s a great movie to watch and enjoy.


Avengers infinity war

Its an action movie released in 2018. It’s a fight against the tyrant Thanos before his blitz of devastation ruins and puts an end to the universe.


A Quiet place

A quiet place is a horror movie about 95m it’s a thriller about a family surviving in an isolated existence from an unknown threat that follows.


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Its an adventure plus comedy of 119m.WadeWilson struggles to fulfil his dream.


Peter Rabbit

A family movie to watch with your family together and enjoy it. It’s a Beatrix Potter classic tale a rabbit wants to sneak into farmers garden.


Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle

A movie full of adventure of 119m in which 4 teenagers enter to an old video game becoming adult avatars they choose.



It is an animation movie when a curse incurred by Maui and the chief daughter answer the ocean call to seek out the demigod to set things right.



It’s a musical adventure through the land of the dead. A great movie to watch with friends, kids and family.


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Game of Thrones

The most watched and loved series full of adventure, romance, action, horror all in one having 7 seasons in which there are 9 noble families fighting for the mythical land of Westeros while a forgotten race of deadrise after a 1000years.



A series full of adventure and action of Ragnar lothbro a great Viking hero as he rises to become the king.


The Handmaid’s Tale

It’s a drama series set on future women forced to live under a fundamentalist theocratic dictatorship.


The 100

A drama series set 97years after the nuclear war when a spaceship survivers sends 100 juvenile back to earth in hope of repopulating the planet.