Top 10  Halloween and Christmas Costumes 

With Festivals comes celebration, with celebration comes the reason to party, and with the party comes Halloween scary costumes that should go perfectly well with the event. Below is the list of the best costumes that you must buy for a festival or fancy dress party.

Best scary halloween costumes

1# Zombie Costume

Halloween is the time of the year when children and adults go out wearing costumes that belong to the evil world. Disguising as a zombie on this day is quite common which is why there is a wide selection of zombie costumes to choose from in the market.

best halloween and christmas costumes

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2# Witch Costume

Many women take part in Halloween parties wearing a long, pointed, black hat and a long-sleeved black dress to look like a witch. There are pretty amazing options for witch costumes available in the market. Buy the perfect sort of witch costume this Halloween to look like a witch straight out of a movie or a novel.

best halloween costumes

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3# Vampire Costume

Halloween is full of fun and people roaming around as vampires. Many people choose black and red cloaked costumes and makeup as vampires on this day. The vampire costumes come with fake fangs that easily attach to your mouth.

Best halloween costume for men

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4# Scary Halloween costume (Ghost)

Another best costume for Halloween is the host costume. These costumes include long white cloaks that even has a veil to cover the face to make you look more like a ghost. Ghost costumes are available for all men women and children. Some also come with lanterns to give a more realistic look to the costume.

best halloween costume for kids

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5# Soul-taker Costume

Halloween is full of chances for you to be whatever evil character you like. Among them is an option for you to become a reaper or a soul taker. The costume for soul taker includes ragged black cloaks with a face-cover and long long sleeves that cover the entire hand.

costume for kids

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6# Santa Claus Costumes

There are plenty of options available for Santa costumes. Many fathers and men dress up as Santa to make their children happy on this day. They bring along gifts and sweets for them at night disguised as Santa. The Santa Claus costume includes a red and white woollen outfit with a fluffy red and white hat and a pair of soft fluffy slippers.

Mens Santa Claus Costume Father Christmas

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7# Mrs Claus Costume

Mrs Claus costumes are bought by many women on Christmas. Dress up your little girls or dress up as Mrs Claus yourself donned in a short red and white outfit and a red Santa’s hat.

Mrs. Claus Velvet Hooded Ladies Dress

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8# Elf Costume

Santa’s elves are also the characters of Christmas. Many men and children dress up as elves on Christmas for parties and fancy dress functions. Be an elf this time and get your self a green coloured costume with long years to look more like an elf.

Halloween best costume

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9# Easter Bunny Costume

Easter bunnies are also a popular costume idea for easter day. Men roam around as bunny mascots to entertain children and children dress up as cute little bunnies on their fancy dress functions.

Easter Bunny Fancy Dress Costume

10# Turkey Costume

Another famous mascot costume is the turkey costume. People buy this costume on Thanksgiving day when they not only cook a turkey for dinner but some also like dressing up as a big fat turkey to make children happy.

best Turkey Costume

The 10 best costume ideas above are a perfect guide for you to choose the perfect sort of costume for Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter. With more festivals come more costumes. There is a wide range of costumes available for days like Cinco de Mayo, the 4th of July or Mardi Gras.