After hours of research, we have found the top 10 wireless headphones 2019 right now in the world.


Wireless headphone Bluetooth 15H  playtime 3d stereo sound Bluetooth 5.0 earbud with wireless and mic wireless earbud with portable charging case. Wireless headphone Bluetooth 5.0 technology with a comfortable interior.

1523 In-Ear Bluetooth airpods-white  

Apple launched its 1523 In-ear Bluetooth airpods white. Apple is one of the best-known brands as its products are used all around the world. The shape of the airpods is a bit different more round and slightly more contoured. The airpods sounds great and as being wireless they are easy to carry they are connected with the device with help of Bluetooth. They are rechargeable. This is a best seller product.


Tozo T8 True Wireless headphones Stereo TWS Bluetooth

Tozo wireless headphone Bluetooth with no strings they are designed for various ear size offering a natural and authentic sound.It comfortable easy to wear and carry. Charging is about 1 hour.

Mpow T1 True wireless headphones


Wireless headphone Mpow T1 are comfortable plus wireless headphones they control soundtrack and volume they block outside noise they have a charging case it provides 3-4hours for has Bluetooth through which it is connected.  


Bluetooth  mini wireless headphones  in stereo

It is rechargeable works for 2hour it also has buttons through which you can answer calls, play a track or pause music. It is wireless an easy to carry. They are light in weight.


Wireless headphones lightweight  earphones with Mic (ROSE GOLD)

Wireless headphones Mic Rose gold can easily control volume switch songs and even answer a call it provides stereo bass sound its lightweight they can easily fit into ears.

Wireless  headphones,Mindkoo on- ear bluetooth headphones HiFi stereo sound


Mindko on-ear Bluetooth headphones are wireless which brings better HiFi music buttons are present to hang up calls or play a track with an adjustable headband made of high-grade leather and is comfortable. It’s having the latest Bluetooth V4.I which can be easily connected.  

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PowerLocus Wireless Bluetooth over-ear stereo foldable headphones

PowerLocus wireless can be used with plug cable and as wireless with removable cable it’s a great option. It is foldable and stretchable it’s having a quality of deep bass in combination with dynamic power sound. They are having Bluetooth hands free communication can be achieved.



LUOOV 100 pieces wireless headphones Bluetooth 4.2 earphones built-in microphones

LOUUV 100 pieces wireless headphones has fast charging having mini charging box they can be used easily even in cycling, driving or anywhere there is a button to attend the call or play pause a track.

Jabra Elite Sport true wireless Bluetooth headset with heart rate and activity monitor

Jabra Elite Sport true wireless Bluetooth earphone has wireless connectivity which provides high-quality music calls they are comfortable and waterproof it is chargeable and portable.

Chigant general stereo in-ear earphones earbuds handsfree  M9 Bluetooth

Wireless headphone chigant general stereo in-ear earphones are chargeable black and golden in colour they are comfortable and sweat resistant providing great sound quality they are easy to carry battery capacity 75mAh.